Electrical Power | Show Power

#Amp Volts Location Approx. distance to stage
(2) 600 120/208 (1) Downstage Right
(1) Up Stage Right On Stage
(1) 400 120/208 (1) Downstage Left On Stage
(1) 200 120/208 (1) Loading Dock Area W/I 75 ft.
(1) 200 120/208 (1) Downstage Left Isolated Audio Power

* Auditorium House Lights
General Lighting Quartz 500-watt incandescent house lighting
Sound & light position located at the rear of Center Orchestra section


The Auditorium has an exclusive in-house telephone service. Contact Jeff McManus, building technical director, 704.335.3155.

Washer & Dryer

Two heavy-duty commercial washers and dryers are available in the basement. Connections are available for additional washers and dryers. To order, contact Jeff McManus, building technical director engineer.

For more information please contact

Jeff McManus 704.335.3155